Residential customers love hydroseeding. It looks beautiful when it is sprayed on, it stabilizes the topsoil – which controls dust and mud issues and their new lawn comes in must fuller and faster than seed and straw. You will have none of the problems associated with straw and you can quickly have a sod quality lawn – at a third of the cost of sod – that will make your neighbors green with envy.

Residential and commercial hydro seeding is generally charged by the square foot of lawn to be established. The process of soil preparation is the same as would be needed for traditional seeding or laying sod; and, the after care in both cost and labor are the same for all three methods of new lawn establishment. So, why live with the mess, weeds and inconsistent lawn patches associated with seed and straw or pay the extra cost for sod. Call Classic Lawn & Tree today for a free on-site evaluation of your needs