Lawn aeration provides air to the roots and enhances water penetration. Addtiional air and water means stronger and healther roots, resulting in a attractive green lawn. Aerating also prevent soil compaction, which can occur frequently in areas with high human foot tracking. Lawn aeration is an important part of lawn care that should not be overlooked. Neither water nor fertilizer can be absorbed into the roots unless oxygen is present in the soil. Lawn aeration significantly cuts down on the soil compaction by removing plugs of soil from the ground and leaving behind holes which allows oxygen to get to the roots, making room for the adiitional roots to grow. The process of aerating the lawn can be relatively expensive but you won’t have to worry about that with Classic Lawn and Tree Service since we are one of the most affordable East Tennessee lawn aeration companies. Consistent lawn aeration helps you achieve a healthy green lawn that you can be proud of for many years to come.

Overseeding could be the best thing you can do to begin to remedy your tired or dying lawn. The best form of weed control is to maintain a healthy lawn that is cut to the correct height and that is feed a proper portion of nutrients and water (overfeeding or overwatering your lawn can be just as disastrous as complete neglect). Cold weather grass lawns – such as fescue – grow as clumps of individual plants and spread by seed germination. For various reasons, these individual plants die or go dormant; but, they cannot replenish themselves because we tend to cut the plants before seeds can develop and mature. The best time to seed and fertilize your lawn is during active periods of growth and in ideal soil conditions (such as those created from the process of a professional core aeration). This is why Classic Lawn & Tree combines these services for cold weather grasses in either the early Spring or early Fall seasons.