Do you have insurance and all TN licenses required?

Yes. We carry at least $1,000,000.00 of commercial liability insurance to cover each of our services – to include the more expensive tree removal insurance. Our Knoxville based agent can typically forward proof of insurance for any job within one working day. We have been registered in TN as a C-Corporation since 2014 and have all necessary local, county and state licenses.

We need to wrap up a large project but cannot get final approval until we grade disturbed areas and plant some ground cover/grass. Do you provide grading and/or excavating services for site preparation?

Yes.  For smaller projects – less than a few acres – we perform these services in house.  For larger projects we sub-contract with fully licensed and insured companies who specialize in larger earth moving projects and then we perform the hydroseeding for either lawn establishment or erosion control on hills/slopes.

We don’t have the time or resources to water after the fact. Do you provide this service?

Yes, of course. Our fee depends on where the job is and what resources are available on-site. However, we will gladly educate and/or train your end client to perform this task on their own at no charge. As a reminder: no matter what kind of ground cover you choose – be it sod, seed and straw, or hydroseeding – they each require watering after the fact to ensure 100% success.

We have, however, applied the product with no after watering – the client relying on rain alone – and the germination rate was still 60% to 70% higher than the seed and straw method.